Windows phones with dual core and work in LTE

In an interview with the technology blog All Things Digital has Andy Lees, who is responsible for the division expressed Windows Mobile at Microsoft, about plans and goals for the mobile operating system. Windows Mobile 7 was therefore up to the big mango update not designed to secure large market shares, but served only as a serious competitor to be recognized among the renowned mobile operating systems.

To gain market share, it is only now going with Windows Mobile 7.5, the Lees. In the medium term will be found again on the third place in the smartphone operating systems, ie behind Android and IOS. Lee looks for Windows Mobile on the right track, you working to introduce significant improvements in all the rest, so they work really well when they are released. In this way, we’ve also managed to make the Internet Explorer browser to the world from bad to best, so Lee.

Another topic under discussion was the technology of Windows phones. Just technology enthusiasts often complain about the fact that current Windows phones only with single-core processors are available, but the Microsoft manager sees no disadvantage. In fact, Windows Phones are faster than single-processor dual-core products of the competition. Appropriate technology must be properly integrated into an operating system so that they can play to their full advantage. Therefore, Microsoft is still set to single core, but Windows phones with dual-core processors are already in development.

Besides a lack of dual-core support, there are still no Windows Mobile that can use the faster wireless standard, LTE (Long Term Evolution). The debt was too high power consumption of the first devices with the new technology, but it is working on effective solutions. When to expect the first dual-core or LTE Windows phones, read Lee’s is open.