Symbian 3 Belle The new features of firmware updates

The Belle update for the Symbian smartphone operating system 3 provides three important new features for users: The menu of the Nokia smartphones is flatter, offering more rapid access to applications and can be personalized on widget versions in different sizes. And what’s more, the new support NFC applications.We provide the first impressions of the Belle update on the Nokia 700 and Nokia seven hundred and first

Through the innovations that bring the Belle update for the platform, can be the smart phones operate faster and easier than with previous versions of the operating system – this impression we won the first test of smart phone models Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 today at the presentation of Devices in Berlin. The Nokia 701 is the more powerful of the two models for the German market today presented devices from Nokia. More about the hardware of the smart phones we describe in a previous message .

Shallower menu structure

For a faster and simpler operation with Symbian 3 Belle ensure a clearly shallower menu structure, so-called live widgets and a pull-down menu with information and settings for messages, calls, downloads and data connections of the device. For example, now all installed and re-downloaded seem to mobile applications in the main menu so that the user already has one-click access to each application can have. So far, the number of icons in the main menu was limited to twelve. Folder by default to appear here no more, but the user can be created on demand.

Six-page homescreen

On the six-page homescreen widgets in different sizes can be placed at any positions. However, Nokia provides the users of smartphones with Symbian 3 Belle up to five fixed sizes of widgets – the size can not be determined by the user freely.The maximum expansion can take a widget about half of a home screen page. Sorry, there are no widgets available in different sizes, so that we could not test this.

Live Widgets

Also new and useful: Even within the widgets – hence the name live widgets – the user can, for example in e-mail inbox, scroll and go directly to a selected message – and thus, the Belle update a speed advantage over Symbian-3 version with Anna-update.


Another major innovation is the pull-down menu at the top of the screen. This informs the user about missed calls, received messages, available software updates, the status of ongoing app downloads, or the status of data connections such as WiFi or Bluetooth – it can be in this scroll bar also activate the same on or off without first setting menu , as it is now open at the 3 Symbian case. Also, the music player are called from the scrollbar out. The bonds of Android are unmistakable here.

Support NFC applications

This supports Symbian 3 Belle NFC applications. For example, users can share through brief contact between two NFC-enabled devices, content such as contacts, images or videos together. In the same way, NFC-enabled smartphones like the Nokia 700 and 701 are coupled with the Nokia NFC-enabled accessories like speakers or headphones. Gamers should also benefit from NFC, for Beisspiel by unlocking hidden levels at or Angry Birds of a hidden sword in Fruit Ninja. Also extends to each brief contact of two NFC-enabled devices.

Web Browser

The Belle update for Symbian 3 offers no way revised browser, as it was, for example when Anna update the case. Therefore, running on the Nokia 701, the well known Symbian default browser of version 7.3. Version 8 will be out in the course of the future Symbian-3 upgrades.