RIM Announces New System for Blackberrys, BBX

RIM has announced a new operating system for its BlackBerry smartphones. This means BBX and is a modification to the QNX platform of the tablet Blackberry Playbook.

Rumors had been around longer , but now has Research In Motion (RIM) officially confirmed it.The company focuses strongly on a new platform for its smartphones. This was announced by RIM on the Blackberry DevCon developer conference in San Francisco. The new operating system is called BBX and is, according to the best of RIM’s Blackberry platform and combine QNX, with the Blackberry Playbook features.

The fact is, RIM says goodbye to Java as the basis for its smartphone operating system. The push-mail devices are therefore no longer support in the future many of the previously announced add-on applications. The manufacturer was therefore at the conference did not tire of emphasizing what exciting new possibilities BBX offers to developers. You have to create two options for the new system programs.

The one is Blackberry Webworks, a development environment for applications based on HTML 5 and CSS, and JavaScript. They also run already on all smartphones with BlackBerry OS BlackBerry OS 6 and 7th Blackberry also focuses strongly on the programming languages ??C / C + + for games and other applications requiring a possible direct access to the hardware of the phones. Playbook applications will run in the future also to BBX devices.

RIM to put before the UI framework, called Cascade, which can evolve with the graphical applications, even more expensive than before. This is also supported by BBX. When first appointed to Blackberrys come on the market, but now RIM would not say.