Nokia Maps is renewed with new features

Nokia has decided to abandon the nomenclature Nokia Maps for its popular mapping service, to adopt the name Nokia Maps. For the occasion, the service also has a new look and added a host of new features, waterways in other cities in 3D mode and a new blue design. has a new way to learn about the city and wants to facilitate the user’s search by answering the questions that people ask when they visit a new location. Then asking, for example, what is the best area to spend the night or where the streets are where most trendy shopping, with the Heat Maps you will have a clearer view of what the city offers and the desired location will be highlighted on the map shades of red.

You can then book a hotel directly from Nokia Maps with one click, also thanks to the features of HRS (Hotel Reservation Service), you can make any changes in mobility and, at end of stay, you can leave in a very simple your hotel review and upload the pictures taken during the trip to share with others. This possibility is allowed for all places and facilities available on Nokia Maps.Finally, Nokia Maps covers new 3D cities including Cape Town, Melbourne and Sydney.

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