Nokia Android spotted

In February 2011, Nokia has signed a deal with Microsoft. The mobile phone giant plans to equip its future smartphones with Windows Mobile 7, Apple and Google to wrest market share. Now create two photos doubts about the strategy.To view a Nokia phone with Google’s Android platform.

On the blurry photos a smartphone is seen, the great similarities with the recently introduced has N9 . It is operated via an intuitive touch interface is technically upgraded and looks very elegant to boot. The trade press has been extremely well received, even tech bloggers and Apple-fanatic Jon Gruber was enthusiastic andspoke of a “worthy opponent” for the iPhone 4 On the N9, the Linux derivative Meego is installed, but that there are prototypes that run on alternative operating systems, is very likely. Also the first Windows phone from Nokia, which last haunted the Internet looks suspiciously similar to the N9. So now Android.

Of course it can be for the new photos were forgeries – but they are from the same person who posted the information on Nokia’s Windows Mobile. Possible that she actually has access to trade secrets of the Finnish mobile phone giant. It is also hard to imagine that a billion dollar company like Nokia clings blindly to Microsoft and its mobile system, without at least trying out the alternatives. Especially well known is that Nokia and Google were in talks. They had “serious attempt” to convince Nokia Android, said the former Google CEO Eric Schmidt in February.

Without success, as we know today. But perhaps it is in Finland in the process of rethinking the strategy? Schmidt also said that the door remains open to Android for Nokia. Perhaps the market leader is currently stumbling through it and the photos show, the first Android device a new series. That is very unlikely, but not be ruled out.