New BlackBerry PlayBook 2 Specs (rumors)

After the hot rumors surronding RIM’s BlackBerry World 2011 about the new generation of the BlackBerry PlayBook 2, the specs is finally reveal.

Even though it is still a rumor but its enough to see what the new RIM’s tablet is all about. besides the 10 inch screen the other specs will be:

  • Black & white colored models
  • SIM card slot4G/WiFi only, no 3G version
  • Thinner frame around screen
  • Able to connect to BES without BlackBerry Bridge

The QNX should be updated to, since it is bringing native email, calendar, and other BlackBerry apps standard.

The 10 inch screen should probably the realization of th promise made by RIM at the BlackBerry World 2011. At the MWC, RIM reveal the plan to release two kind of PlayBook. the one with LTE and HSPA+ networking tech.

Looking toward other competitor in the market, RIM should be very positive to put a foothold of the new BlackBerry PlayBook 2. since the move of Apple iPad 2 and other Android tablet are not coming softly, and the launch of the second generation PlayBook consider late.

We’ll continue to report the progress about the  BlackBerry Playbook 2 release date later.

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