Motorola Will Be Cut Into Two Companies

Motorola recently announce their Company will be separate into two companies early next year. The separation is not because of bad business or bad financial circumstances but rather to be more focused on the two of their core business, the mobile industry and corporate telecomunication needs.

As quoted from the AFP, The cut in half of motorolla will produce Motorola Mobility and Motorola solutions. The exact date of this event will occur in 4 January 2011. The focus of these companies will be the market of cell phone and internet whom will be the responsibility of the Motorola Mobility, in the other side the Mototola Solutions will be dealing with other profesional equipment.

Greg Brown and Sanjay Jha (Co-Chief Executive Motorola) claimed that The Announcement marks a historical event which hoping to be a benefit to Morola as a company, share holder, employees and also to their customer.

To hold CEO of the Motorola Solutions is Greg Brown as Sanjay Jha will be in charge of the Motorila Mobility. both clarify that the company share holders will gain a share of Motorola Mobility for each of eight motorola shares they have now.

Both of CEOs hope to gain a benefit from the opportunity before starting a new year as a different companies.

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