Motorola quarterly figures: Red numbers just before Google’s acquisition

Shortly before its acquisition by Google writes Motorola Mobility again red. In addition to the tough competition in the mobile industry to the American mobile phone manufacturer to make probably the high cost of litigation to create.

In the fourth quarter of 2011 accounted for Motorola Mobility sales of $ 3.4 billion, the net loss in this period was 80 million dollars. In the same period, the manufacturer had earned a net profit of $ 80 million. Traditionally, the fourth quarter a year by the holiday shopping season, the biggest sales. For the full year 2011 Motorola announced a total of $ 13.1 billion in sales, which means an increase of 14 percent compared to 2010, and $ 249 million net loss.

From early October to late December 2011 Motorola sold 10.5 million phones, of which 5.3 million were smartphones. Also supplied from the company in the fourth quarter of 2011, approximately 200,000 tablets. With mobile devices, the company achieved in the final quarter of the year sales of $ 2.5 billion and a net loss of 19 million €. For the full year Motorola sold 42.4 million mobile phones, of which 18.7 million smart phones, and one million tablets. Among the highlights of last year was the launch of Android smartphones Motorola RAZR and the new models launchedRAZR Maxx , the LTE smartphones Droid 4, and each of the two tablets Xoom seriesand two LTE-enabled Droid Tablets of the series.

Motorola Mobility is about to be taken over by the Internet giant Google , which is to pay $ 12.5 billion. Still consider antitrust authorities on 15 August 2011 announced business. Motorola and Google expect the acquisition to be able to complete even in early 2012.