iPhone 5 Case Design Leak

The protective cover maker Case Mate has published on its website in advance cases for the iPhone 5 that suggest a radical redesign of the device at hand.Besides the new design before all things fall to the aluminum backing.

The pictures show called renderings, computer-generated models of the iPhone in the services offered by Case Mate cases. Unfortunately you can not see the front of the device and can therefore anticipate the overall impression of the smartphone only. Some things just can nevertheless already recognize. For example, the iPhone 5 after these pictures, an aluminum back, this is consistent with already arisen earlier rumors.

The styling of the unit is obviously the main difference that can be made out. So the iPhone looks very thin in the pictures, also striking are the bevelled edges and rounded corners, which the iPhone to 5 iPhone into a futuristic hybrid of the previous models do 3 and 4.

The envelope manufacturer has been producing since the first iPhone protective covers for the phones from Apple and could therefore well have insider information.Renderings that correspond to previously heard rumors but never verified the images, but can be understood as an indication of their accuracy.

On the other hand, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed a few days ago , the iPhone 5 is confusingly similar to its predecessor. Which rumor turns out to be true, and you will find all likelihood, the end of the month. For at this time is to appear at last the long awaited device.