iPad 3 supposedly has problems with display production

Even if the rumors of a sale of the iPad three already this year, sounded pretty unlikely, according to the latest information from the Taiwanese industry portal Digitimes they were correct. The iPad is still only 3 hit the market later, the website said.

As Digitimes reports that Apple has canceled all orders for components. Allegedly preparing the production of displays for the iPad 3 problems.The suppliers would have difficulty with the production yield and therefore could not guarantee the required quantities, the portal has learned from sources in the supply chain.

Originally, this should come iPad 3 in the second half on the market, Digitimes confirms earlier rumors . For the third quarter, production was planned from 1.5 to 2 million units in the fourth quarter, 5 to 6 million will be delivered iPad third

Supposedly, the iPad has three display with a resolution twice as high as the iPad 2 . Instead of 1.024×720 pixels is the third generation of the Apple Tablet a resolution of 2.048×1536 pixel can represent. But currently, the supplier would have great difficulties to implement the requirements of Apple.

The high resolution needed a stronger backlight, which can only be achieved by larger LEDs, Digitimes cited sources from the display business. But requiring more space, which makes the screen bigger. Moreover, the illumination is not satisfactory.