Details About The Sony Ericsson Anzu (Xperia X12)

The rumours about the Sony Ericson Anzu has been answered. a russian reviewer has managed to get hold of the preview unit. how he manage to do that I don’t know.. all I know is the preview unit was not running on a Gingerbread like it was told to. but instead it is operated by Android 2.1 maybe the real thing will be launch in Android 2.2 when it is release by Sony Ericsson in early 2011 who knows.

The phone that will be launch by the name of Sony Ericsson Xperia X12 maybe can be upgraded in Gingerbread later on post-launch.

well… anyway… The so called next generation of Xperia will offer a large 4.3 Inch LCD display with enough resolution to make the X10 mini a toyphone. 854×480 pixel resolution powered by 800MHz qualcomm MSM7230 processor matching its competitor the HTC Desire Z and a 12 megapixel camera to get your picture as clear as the sky. or to capture a video with its HD capability of 720p video recording.

The reports also mentioned about the lag-free android experience causing by the qualcomm chipset. and encoding the 720p in H264 that offers an increased playback times for audio and much will it cost ?? one can presume coz the report didn’t mention about the price stay tune folks.

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