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With many devices that are still receiving the official update to Android 2.1 and a small number that is already ready to upgrade to version 2.2 (Froyo), more and more users are asking themselves about how to make a backup of important data,before with the system update.

Today we will see some of the methods forsaving and restoring applications, settings, text messages and contacts.Many programs require that voted for this purpose is carried out on the root device.The reason lies in the fact that some data, such as those relating to applications, folders are stored in internal, not accessible without this type of permit.

Specifically, we analyze the operation of three of the most popular programs available on the Android Market Italian at this moment: Sprite Backup, Backup MyBackup Pro andTitanium. The first two can be used on any device, while the third requires that the smartphone must be “root” and that has BusyBox installed in the system.

There are many alternatives available on the Android Market, but most are devoted to the rescue of specific data such as text messages, contacts and browser bookmarks. They are, however, few applications, such as those analyzed, which can operate simultaneously on several fronts and, unfortunately, are almost all paid.

In order to protect themselves from the loss of important data, the user can back up data with one of the programs that we talked about in this brief guide, do the‘upgrade to a newer version of Android,and proceed to reinstall your application torestore operations. You should keep in mind that, without a device “root”, you can not back up data such as specific settings for each application and links the Android Market.

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