A New Taste of Symbian’s Menu

A while just before the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Nokia held a press conference concerning the faith of Symbian, after adopting WP7 from Microsoft.

In the press conference, Nokia said to be preparing a new menu for the Symbian^3, which will be available for update by users. As it is stated by Nokia, rumor about the death penalty to Symbian seems a bit exagerated.

Stephen Elop the CEO him self who will explain about the details of Nokia’s Strategy in the future and he will be helped by Jo Harlow from smart devices division.

As quoted from allaboutSymbian, Harlow explain that the future Symbian phones will have 1 GHz CPU. and added a fresh Graphic User Interface.

Elop also added that updates for Nokia’s Product based on Symbian is now being develop and will be available soon.

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