LG Optimus Me Low-End Android Phone

The Android phone are gaining its popularity not only the user who enjoyed the fun of it, but also the developers who build up their apps based on the OS. This surely give the vendors producing the Android Phone a happy smile. And it is likely that they try to produce more of the kind. This is typically true for LG, try to target the low-end market, LG release their Optimus Me P350.

The phone is plan to be launch at the MWC in Barcelona next month. With the rumor mentioning it will be run on Froyo (Android 2.2), LG has not clearly state out the OS, but it will be an Android.

The UnwiredView speak up about the Optimus Me, they said it will be a copy of LG Optimus One with just slight different in the design.

The Optimus Me is said to be having 3 Megapixel camera, 140 MB internal, microSD slot, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and all that jazz.

With a dimension of 113.5x59x13.3mm and a 130 gram weight, with colorfoul casing, the phone is likely to target the young generation for its market.

Voice Enable Google Translate for Android

The future is now. With the latest technology development some of the feature in the Sci fi movies are now come to reality. One of the feature that amaze us is the availibility to translate our conversation into other language simultaneously.

We might know the Google translate site that translate text from english to other language vice versa. Now, Google translate for android are testing the ‘Conversation mode’ that enable it to translate voice call to several language. Mean while, the conversation mode are just available for 15 language unlike the text mode in which available in 53 language.

If activated, the conversation mode will translate your voice to (for example) spain. you just have to speak up and your speech will be translate simultaneously.

The new look of the Google Translate for Android is rather different but the conversation mode is the feature that suck up alot of attention from the users. The video of it are also uploaded to youtube, and it is gaining popularity among the Android fans. FYI, the feature is only available for above the Android Eclair. It can be download in the Android Market.

Apple thinks of cheap components for iPad 3

DigiTimes reports an interesting document about the possible solutions adopted by Apple for the birth of the next generation of iPad.

In addition to the names of potential suppliers of electronic components for the‘iPad 4 as Novatek Microelectronics (LCD), Richtek Technology (integrated power), Capella Microsystems (ambient light sensors) and Integrated Memory Logic, has talked about how the house Cupertino is planning to build the nextiPad 3 with economic components to offer a competitive price.

Strong competition expected in the second half of 2011 is by no means be ignored, so Apple would be more inclined to adopt Taiwanese solutions for the birth of the third generation of the iPad, so as to reduce costs and remain competitive on the market.

Such a move would be almost a step backwards compared to what was done with the ‘iPad 2, since the first generation of the popular tablet production costs have increased, but remained virtually unchanged for the final consumer price. Suffice it to say that, according to estimates by iSuppli, Apple pays a sum of $ 127 for the touch screen panel, compared to 95 at the time required for the display of the first iPad.

Honeycomb Will Offer Music Sync

Android 3.0 has been introduced and it is having alot of awesome features. one of its newly feature are the sync button that allows you to add an entire music libraries.

The Blogosphere’s hot issue today is a music player leaks in which is having a secret to the syncing for Honeycomb.

The downloaded and installed Android music player in the Honeycomb handset, should show a sync options appear, and in that options you could find a sync music options.

It could been an opportunity for several music sites to serve as an ‘iTunes’ for Android and make a fortune.

Other options of the music player are the availability of the cache streamed music setting and can be used with a fee,and it lies next to the stream music settings.

“The Achilles’ heal for Android devices at the moment is the lack of a decent media player – unless you go fishing for one on the Android Market.”(techradar)

Actually we all have to agree on to what said by the tech radar that the actual Honeycomb arrival will cure the condition.

BlackBerry Storm 3 Specs (Leaks)

Lately, rumors about the BlackBerry Storm 3 is seems to fade away, but with several picture of it leaking, the speculations are rising. some said that it is prepared to cut the popularity of the iPhone 4.

This photos that believed to be the Storm 3 is taken from Boys Genius Report (BGR). As it is been said in the site, the apperance of the third generation storm is there to challenge the iPhone 4. As some have said, it is equiped with a comfortable retina display.

The rumor also said that the Storm 3 will be having a 800×480 pixels. RIM clearly stated to go deep into beating the iPhone 4.

Storm 3 is also said to be having a dualcore 1.2 Ghz processor the full specs are :

1.2 CPU

3.7″ capacitive touch screen



5 Megapixel camera

8GB eMMC for apps and data


microSD slot



2.1 Bluetooth + EDR

2.4Ghz b/g/n and 5Ghz a/n Wifi + UMA

3G Mobile hotspot

Optical trackpad

1230mAh Battery

BlavkBerry OS 6.1

Open GL ES 2.0

Dell Streak 7 The 4G Tablet specs

Dell has released the next generation of it’s tablet pc in a 7 “format the Dell Streak 7. It is claim to be the first tablet that runs on 4g network.

as quoted from mydigitallife, the tablet used an Android Froyo 2.2 and have T-Mobile as it’s carrier for the US market.

Steve Felice (president for Dell’s Consumer, Small and Medium Business unit) said that Dell Streak 7 will be the right gadget for families, stundents and proffesionals to share and stay in touch.

The Dell streak 7 have a long, 4.72 wide and 0.49 thick. unfortunattely neither Dell of T-Mobile is not yet releasing its official price tag.

The specs are:

1Ghz Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual core processor

7” WVGA (800×480 Pixels), Multitouch with Gorilla Glass technology

5 and 1,3 megapixel camera

Internal 16GB memory