iPhone 5 delayed until October?

It is always expected at the turn of August and September, but the iPhonecould be delayed 5. The date for the launch of the new iPhone may in fact be in October, as well as rumors of John Packowski of The Wall Street Journal .

“All these rumors indicate that the launch of the iPhone until September 5? They are wrong. Instead, it will be an October surprise, the month that Apple will launch the next generation of iPhone. “

The rumor is based on some data that, historically, have always indicated the release of a new product from Cupertino. We are talking about organizing the employees of AT & T, one of Apple’s carrier partners to distribute the iPhone in the U.S. territory. Employees would be prohibited close to holidays between September and October and, at least last year, this decision has shown precisely the arrival of the new iPhone . The hypothesis is confirmed byGizmodo :

“Historically, the only period in which holidays have been canceled for the release of the iPhone. We focus on the last two weeks of September. “

The new date, however, clashes with the rumors that emerged on thehousing of the device, also historically index from marketing a new product.Typically, this network does not appear in more than three weeks before the presentation of the device and, being already been published on several Web are expected to launch for the last weeks of August. Obviously, the message of The Wall Street Journal seems to have a consistency of greater accuracy.

HTC Omega new Windows Phone with 1.5-gigahertz processor

Besides the two models and Prime Ignite HTC apparently working on another smartphone with a Microsoft operating system already installed with Windows Mobile 7 Mango update. The HTC device is called Omega with a 1.5 gigahertz payable by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 512 megabytes of RAM to be fitted.

Gadgetian the blog has recently published a detailed data Omega HTC. Among the interesting features of the smartphone therefore include a 3.8-inch high capacitive S-LCD touch screen with 800×480 pixel resolution, an 8-megapixel camera with autofocus, LED flash and video recording in HD quality (720p) as well as Bluetooth 2.1, Micro-USB and A-GPS for Location-based services. The internal storage capacity is 16 gigabytes, which – as has been customary for Windows phones – can not be removed by removable storage card.

Support for mobile data transmissions in the GSM networks in 850, 900, 1,800 and 1,900 megahertz applicable Omega HTC HSPA with download rates of up to 7.2 megabits per second and upload speeds of up to 2 megabits per second. Windows can also handle the phone the wlan-n standard for Internet access at hotspots.

Gadgetian does not explain how the data has come into his hands. A picture with the device delivers the blog, however. Nor is a possible market launch and sales prices of the device.

Skype for iPad is now available on the iTunes AppStore

After the Skype versions for Windows and Mac computers as well as Android and smartphones IOS VoIP service is now available in an adapted version ready for the iPad. The application makes calls, video calls and send instant messages over the mobile data or WiFi connections.

The Skype app for the iPad offers the same features as the iPhone app, but the user interface has been adapted for the larger display of the Apple tablet. For example, on the tablet display sufficient space available to display the list of gallery. Call a contact from this list can be started easily at your fingertips. With the VoIP application also calls on the iPad conventional landline or mobile numbers are possible. To pay the user via a monthly invoice or prepaid credit.

Prerequisite for using the 16.3-megabyte Skype app in the current version 1.0.1273is on the Apple Tablet with video telephony at least IOS version 4.0. Since the first was delivered without iPad still camera, video calls with picture transmissions in both directions are the only two iPad possible. On the iPad 1 while on the phone while the user can receive video, but do not send itself.

Early in the morning, the Skype app for iPad was already seen briefly in the iTunes AppStore. The provider, however in the meantime she removed again from the download platform.

HTC Desire to date with Android 2.3 Gingerbread

The Taiwanese manufacturer has released the long awaited update to the Android operating system for smartphones 2.3 Gingerbread HTC Desire,but in a prerelease version and is dedicated exclusively to developers or for people who want to experience a preview of the platform on your device.

To apply the update is indeed necessary to download a package (161 MB) from the official site dedicated to developers and apply it with the help of a PC. Also, to avoid any memory problems, HTC has decided to remove some applications from the installation, as the official Facebook, however, available for download on the pages of ‘ Android Market .

The company also warns that upgrade involves the possible malfunction of some features such as those related to the management of SMS and MMS, in addition to the loss of all contacts and messages on the phone. The advice for those concerned, then, is to make a backupof your data before performing the operation. However not be erased files and documents in a microSD card.

The update of the smartphone HTC Desire to Android 2.3 Gingerbread is therefore currently recommended only for advanced users. All others must wait until the manufacturer will not release a stable version of the update and final in question.

iPad 2 Premium is Coming?

Still rumors regarding the new line of devices iPad. The rumors come this time by Ashok Kumar, an analyst at Rodman & Renshaw, who during a telephone interview with CNET says he learned from sources close to the industries Hon Hai (Foxconn) and production facilities have already started the construction of an advanced version of ‘iPad 2.

While the current model will be for the consumer market, the new iPad 2 Premium (obviously not official name) will meet the needs of those who intend to use the tablet in a professional, or at least want to have more advanced features, such as a display with higher resolution, two HD cameras and perhaps a module for connecting to the Net 4G

All components of the architecture 2 iPad would integrate, albeit with obvious consequences on the final sale price. With the advent of IOS 5 also features Apple may introduce its own related to these new features, making the product more efficient for ‘business users.

In this way the ‘ iPad 3 delayed until next year, maintaining a distance of one year between the release of a version of the device and the other, as stated by Wayne Lam, an analyst at IHS team-iSuppli. In the coming weeks the rumors and leaks on the tablet are intended to multiply, as well as those on the advent of ‘iPhone 5, whose launch may have been postponed to October.

RIM introduces three high-speed BlackBerrys Bold 9900 and 9850,9810 Torch

At a big event in London, the Canadian manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) today introduced three new smartphones. The Blackberry Bold 9900, Torch Torch 9850 and 9810 put it on high and come complete with gigahertz processors, generous memory and high-resolution display. Area Mobile was on site and has gained initial impressions.

The flagship model Bold 9900 has the typical candy bar-design of its predecessor, with a relatively small 2.8-inch display and a full keyboard. It is the Black Berry Torch the second model, which has both a keyboard and a touchscreen. The new model has slimmed down and is visible at 10.5 millimeters, the thinnest BlackBerry ever. It is a clocked at 1.2 GHz single-core processor powered by Qualcomm, which are 768 megabytes of memory to the side.Data can either 8 gigabytes of internal memory is stored, or on memory cards with up to 32 gigabytes size. A 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and provides photos and video in 720p resolution. The facilities also include GPS, WLAN, HSDPA and NFC (Near Field Communication). The powerful 1230 mAh battery is to allow calls of up to 6.3 hours and standby time up to 12.8 days.

Blackberry 9850 Torch

When RIM Blackberry 9850 Torch is similar to Storm and Storm 2 exclusively to an operation on the touch screen. The new model, however, dispensed with the mechanical screen that was easy to be depressed activity (SurePress). With 3.7 inch touch screen used by manufacturers to the greatest, he has been built into its devices. It has a resolution of 800×480 pixels and so comes to 253 pixels per inch.The remaining equipment is almost identical with the Bold 9900, only the internal memory has been halved to 4 gigabytes and NFC is lacking.

Blackberry 9810 Torch

With the RIM Blackberry 9810 Torch offers a third alternative form factor: a slider. The device not only has an LCD touch screen with 3.2 inches and 640×480 pixels (253ppi), but also a portrait in the pull-out full keyboard. Otherwise, it offers the same amenities as the Bold, but without NFC. A cheaper version of the Torch 9810 is the 9800th Torch It looks exactly like the 9810 model is better equipped sibling, but only with a 3.2-inch display with the lower resolution of 480×360 pixels, features 512 megabytes of RAM and 4 gigabytes of internal memory.

All three models will be available from August. Prices for the phones were not yet known. Initial tests confirm that these models, a short very smooth operation – the force pushing the high clock processors and memory to the burst makes the business cars legs. This also applies to the revised browser that goes on HTML5 and JavaScript to create significantly faster load times. Besides the new products, there was also a short message to mobile phones with the new operating system QNX: The first devices with the Playbook OS beginning in 2012 go on sale. More impressions to follow later today or tomorrow morning.