Eclair 101 (Android 2.1 Guide) Integrated Google Service

One of the motivations that would push the undecided to the world Android is certainly thestrong integration with the services of the big G. During the first start you are prompted to enter your username and password of your Google account or register a new. This allows the device to automatically synchronize data with GMail and Google Calendar services, making them available and constantly updated, on both PC and smartphone.

Adding an e-mail from GMail, it appears automatically even among the contacts of the phone, as well as a new event added Android will appear automatically on the calendar on Google Calendar.

The phone application is divided into four pages: the first is occupied by the keypad, the second from the last calls made ??and received, the third from the contact list, with a lot of photography is constantly synchronized with popular social networks, the fourth is devoted to your favorites.

As for messages, SMS and MMS are grouped into threads divided by author and arranged in chronological order as if it were an instant messenger. To facilitate the sending of SMS, as you type shows the number of remaining characters and the number of messages you are sending.

As for GMail, Google has worked hard to achieve an application that would guarantee a user experience at the Web counterpart will therefore be possible to manage multiple accounts, organize messages in different folders and attach media files to the new and e-mail. The system then notifies the userpush, instantly, the arrival of each new message, keeping it constantly updated.

The Calendar application is really well done and displays the day, week or month. Very convenient mode that allows a monthly, with a colored bar placed next to each date, to identify, with a glance, the commitments already made previously. The only real shortage is the widget for the homepage, which is rather basic, which can be overcome, however, these alternatives on the Android Market.

As for talk, it is present on the GMail chat, carried on Android, which allows you to chat easily and immediately with their friends list. ‘S integration with phonebook allows you to see, directly from the latter, the status of various contacts, and will be automatically logged in during the first synchronization and new messages received will be displayed in the notification bar like SMS and e- mail.

How To back up your Smartphone’s data

Therefore, just lost your phone. This is not the end of the world, but certainly wanted.

Besides the possibility of another attack a few hundred dollars to replace equipment, facing the loss of all your contacts, calendar entries, task lists, your password (if they do not carefully and in the phone) And, oh yes, it is risky pictures that you took the bar last Friday.

All this has disappeared, at least for now, but if your Apple iPhone, Google Android phone, RIM BlackBerry, Smartphone or another case in the wrong hands, a vast archive of personal information, are not easily forgotten – could that be indicted

The loss of a Smartphone would not be so bad if it was completed with minimal effort. How many people use Smartphone’s for online banking, travel arrangements and storage of confidential documents of the company, but the most intimate information ends of the device.

HTC Desire HD Overclock

HTC Desire HD is known as one of Android’s powerfull smartphone. But nothing is enough for the xda developers, they tend to make things more intense and push things to its limit. The HTC’s Desire HD is one of the thing that the guys at xda developers saw can be extend to have more power to it. The Desire HD’s Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8255 is originally have 1GHz speed, But the xda developer’s succeeded to push it to 1.5Ghz as seen on the video below.

HTC Desire HD is known as one of Android’s powerfull smartphone. But nothing is enough for the xda developers, they tend to make things more intense and push things to its limit. The HTC’s Desire HD is one of the thing that the guys at xda developers saw can be extend to have more power to it. The Desire HD’s Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8255 is originally have 1GHz speed, But the xda developer’s succeeded to push it to 1.5Ghz as seen on the video below.

Turn your mobile phone into a webcam for Android again

If you have a webcam to your PC or laptop, or simply do not want to carry around while you’re traveling, DroidCam can help you keep your cell phone into a webcam Android. Created by Dev47Apps is DroidCam 2.0 a work in progress and was called Beta, and is expected to be some errors.

However, the developers put a lot of progress in recent months, when the publication was launched. The application was tested for desktop use 32-bit XP, Vista and Windows operating systems, 7th

DroidCam 2.0 is a Windows software that is installed on your PC or laptop, you want to use a phone with Android. Another part of the software from the Android Marketplace can be downloaded and installed on your Smartphone.

The software is only compatible with phones with the Android operating system 2.0 or higher, so if you have an old mobile platform, the application will not be displayed on the Android Market.

After downloading and installing the Windows client application DroidCam v2.0 beta, open a chat program to use the webcam, and select DroidCam as a webcam and microphone. You can check this by doing the configuration of the audio and a chat program.

Then you simply launch the application / menu / DroidCam and a message on the screen, “Waiting for device” says.

It is now time to install another piece of software for smart phones. Search on Android Market and is DroidCam 2.1 Beta, if the application has been updated.

When the installation is complete, make sure that a Wi-Fi and the phone is connected to a home network.

Since the introduction DroidCam phone and click on “Connect”. A list of registered IP addresses (if any) is displayed on the screen.

Click the “Add New”, enter a description and the IP address of your computer.

Save and press Connect. If everything is ordered, you will find a “connection” appears on the computer.

Start your cat and you should see is able to transmit live video over the phone.


How to use a Smartphone as a Smartphone – Moving Data

The data transfer


Why did not anyone discovered how this process is over for us. Anyway, here are some ways to contact all new phones Mix:

The easiest way is to simply just do your business. This is especially useful when you go in the same company. Stop your local store and a customer service representative should be able, within a minute or two to transfer. Warning: If you switch carriers, it may be a small fee associated with the relocation of contacts. Be sure to ask.

If you have a GSM phone, your SIM card, you can order the transfer is complete. Today, almost all phones (smart or stupid) the ability to “write to all contacts on a SIM card. Once done, simply remove the old card and insert it into the phone. Make sure all the SIM contacts to transfer into the ancestral memories of your new phone, you can use the old SIM card. It is not natural feel for CDMA (SIM-less) work to support. Verizon and Sprint customers.

You can also transfer to Google Sync and a protocol called SyncML. Google Sync supports some smart phones like the iPhone and Nokia, BlackBerry and Windows. After you take all your old contacts into your Google account, you can make the cloud and rain return contacts.


Depending on your phone, e-mail is a huge pain in the ass, or a play. They are the first step, again, the advice of the producers: Most, like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Palm provide quick installation guide. Note that depending on the provider and the telephone and the exchange parameters of Gmail will be completely different. A good rule to keep you in the process: the use of IMAP (not POP). This will prevent your messages, and synchronize read / unread with your desktop client. Like most of your e-mails via 3G are still downloaded, you need to set some boundaries. A limit of 10 MB for the size of each message is best. This can help increase the speed of incoming messages.


Users of Google Calendar, if one is easier, especially a new phone with Android. By default, the calendar will be synchronized automatically with the phone. The two also rise, while the iPhone has to be configured with CalDAV.


How to use a Smartphone as a Smartphone – Get Started


Out of the box, most are not as smart phones. In fact, many direct idiots. Prepare your new handheld “means that hold some hands that is so painful by a list occasionally annoying (but necessary) step. Do not worry, we are here to help. Remember that this device you will partners continuously for a year or two. So, you want to start the right relationship.

Pre-charge advice

Received regardless of the actual phone for the holidays, the weak link is probably the battery. The processing of your Li-ion compared not only the life and usefulness of your new phone, but also improves its resale value, should you decide to throw back into the market very soon. Luckily for you, offer advice here virtually all major manufacturers, including Palm, BlackBerry and Apple. Do not say that we must resist the temptation, once again your phone. Yes, keep the tax from 30 to 60 percent to zero before connecting Smartphone’s calculated in its own juice half of the battery components to adapt quickly. That is, they no longer can collect effectively in the future. Ideally, you should always wait until the battery is fully charged before you get a good health, but occasionally slip, it will not. If you really want to understand the fickle little stones, please visit our related GICs, why is the battery dead.