Samsung Galaxy Nexus live photo first impressions

On the O2 unconference in Berlin yesterday evening bloggers and journalists discussed with representatives of O2 on topics such as network expansion, rates and customer service. There were also there to see new smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We could look at the new Android phone from Samsung Super-greater detail.

The Samsung Nexus Galaxy is at first sight really sexy. It consists of high quality materials and nestles in the hand. Only the battery cover made of thin plastic interferes with the high-quality impression. The Galaxy Nexus looks much thicker than the Galaxy S2 , although only 0.5 millimeters have been added. This is perhaps due to the less-edged design of the Google Android.

The giant display measures 4.65 inches, but the smartphone is handy. Samsung has again used his super-AMOLED technology. Which ensures vivid colors and deep black. Together with the new color design of Android 4.0 and the sharp resolution of 1.280×720 pixel that is a feast for the eyes. Menu buttons are completely missing, the device is like an Android Tablet operated entirely via the touch screen.

The 1.2 GHz dual-core fast processor ensures that the system can operate smoothly in spite of the high resolution. Stuttering, we could not see at first glance. In total, leaving the Samsung Nexus Galaxy a very good first impression. Whether it can withstand even a closer look, and where there is still room for improvement, a detailed test will show that takes place in the near future in our editorial.

Nvidia Tegra 3 makes the quad-core processor

With the official launch of the Android tablet Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Nvidia also has details on his new stroke of genius Tegra published 3. Critics are likely to fall silent as soon as the new quad-core is not only stronger than its predecessor Tegra 2, but also saves power.

Some data on the Tegra 3, which was developed under the code name Kal-El (Superman), are already known for some time. But had been invited to the international conference, also to the Nvidia Mobile area, and new information were to be heard – and some of them sound downright overwhelming. Nvidia Tegra 3 Sun speaks at the first time by a processor, the performance is technically similar to a computer chip. These are not just big words, as you can convince the manufacturer’s own videos.

Benchmarks can be in the new quad-core chip for mobile devices not only all current competitors far behind, but even the PC processor Core2Duo T7200 with 2 GHz clock rate. Granted, coming nearly five years ago on the market, yet the power of the Tegra 3 impressive. Be used two or more cores, it clocked up to 1.3 GHz, a single main processor can quickly fire up even the turbo and make up to 1.4 gigahertz.Overall, the Tegra 3 has five times more computing power than its predecessor, the new GeForce series graphics accelerator provides three times more. Nevertheless, the new chip consumes no more, but according to the manufacturer even less power than the second Tegra

Not four, but a four and a half-Kerner

There are several reasons. Because the new chip is actually not four, but a four and a half-Kerner. Once the sheer power of the four main processors are no longer necessary since only about the standby must be done, takes over a fifth core work.He just clocked up to 500 MHz and consumes much less power due to its design as its Cortex-A9-brothers. But this so-called Core Companion does not only menial jobs, he goes even for playing 1080p video. And here comes the second reason for the power savings comes into play: While the companion core, you can restore any or all other CPUs are completely disabled. They are active only when needed – such as the start of the video. Nvidia calls this vSMP (vertical symmetric multi-processor system).A special adaptation of the software or the operating system for this fifth core is not necessary – Tegra 3 distributes his work independently as required to the various cores.

Through these two tricks of the Tegra consumes 3 for processes like games about 15 to 60 percent less electricity than the Tegra 2, and so you come on a video playback time of 12 hours. In idle mode, the fuel consumption are about 20 to 40 percent lower, said Nvidia.

How powerful it has turned up the power screw, show new tech demos like Glowbal Sea Floor 2 or 3 specifically for the Tegra architecture adapted to games like Shadowgun, or Riptide Sprinkle. You benefit from extensive graphical effects like dynamic lighting, physics and particle effects, high resolution, Mution blur, transparency and water simulation in real time. Made possible by the new GeForce GPU, the 12 cores from three times more force than in previous draws. Are currently already more than 15 games for the Tegra 3 in the works, to want to end the Tegrazone to attract more than 40.

And Nvidia is thinking even further. Since you now have the appropriate power to turn a Tegra-3-tablet a mobile gaming console, a controller integrated manufacturer of control. So you can with the input devices of Wii, Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 not only play games, but also control up to 10 meters distance from Android through menus. So that games can comfortably from the couch to change or stop or fast forward the movie.

To make the console feeling completely, can stream content from a Tegra-3 device directly via HDMI or WiFi with DLNA on a suitable TV – also in 3D. In addition, Tegra 3 Open GL applications that were actually created in 2D into 3D display optional – a similar feature, LG recently announced for games.

First Tablets with the new chipset as the ZTE D98 and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime were already presented, smartphones with the power of the 4.5 kernels only come on the market in early 2012.

Only for iPhone 4S Siri does not come on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G S

Apple has all the speculation about a port of the Siri assistance service for older devices the company rejected that. The new feature will be reserved exclusively for the foreseeable future the iPhone 4S.

The new voice-controlled assistants Siri is one of the main arguments for selling the new iPhone 4S. Older generations of the Apple phones have this feature.Once a hacker has demonstrated that it is in principle possible, Siri also on theiPhone 4 and iPhone 3G to use, just sprouted up all hope that Apple could be late filing it with an update.

They got a further boost by rumors that Apple is the language assistant in-house testing on the iPhone 4. The manufacturer should have a special version of iOS5 distributed among its employees, enabling them to use Siri on the iPhone 4. But now Apple has given all the speculation about a port of the service to older devices, a rejection.

Porting Siri not planned on older iPhones

A developer from the company told the blog Cult of Mac with a request to that Siri currently only runs on the iPhone 4S. Apple has no plans to support older devices.That will probably remain so for a while, because up to Siri, the 8-megapixel camera and dual-core processor, the speed increase is barely noticeable at present, does not differ from its predecessor, the iPhone 4S iPhone 4 Learn more about Siri and voice control systems for smartphones on other platforms you in our special .

HTC Ville Android phone with a large super-AMOLED display for April

The HTC Ville will be the first smartphone from the Taiwanese manufacturer with Sense interface in version 4.0. On the Internet a photo and information on other features of the upcoming HTC smartphones have been published.

This is still currently under the working title of Ville current smartphone together with theQuad-Core-Edge HTC device unveiled in February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in April 2012 and come into the trade, reports BGR.The smartphone is equipped with a 4.3-inch capacitive AMOLED touchscreen super-equipped with QHD resolution (960×540 pixels) and a dual-core processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon series with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz per core, ie it. The operating system is reported to come Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with applied HTC Sense UI in version 4.0 is used.

Another feature of the HTC Ville to an 8-megapixel camera, the video in HD quality (1080p) takes up the much-talked his last beat audio technology, HSPA + support formobile data transmissions. The technology is, according to BGR in a less than 8 mm high metal housing elements. For electricity, a 1650 mAh powerful battery will be in charge.


iPhone’s Vulnerability allows harmless apps to mutate to nasty pests

An expert has found a vulnerability in IOS, the applications it allows to recharge functions that Apple has not been signed. Criminals can make it as a harmless app a dangerous pest.

In IOS, the operating system for theiPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, is a security hole, known as now. It enables applications installed unsigned code from the internet recharge, and enhance their functions afterwards.The problem is that these applications look first, and thus are harmless despite the control of Apple in the App Store is able, has demonstrated how a security expert Charlie Miller now.

Miller informed Apple as early as 14 October about the leak in IOS. It’s in all versions from system IOS 4.3. According to the findings of the researcher allows the Apple Safari browser to access areas of memory that were previously completely blocked.The expanded access was apparently necessary in order to make the browser faster.Apple has built for other security mechanisms, has to keep the website expects to use the access for the acquisition of the phone or tablet. But the researchers found a gap in the measures.

To test that it really works, he had developed the app Instastock. After two attempts, they gave the examiners by Apple for download in the App Store free as he told the blog . Meanwhile, although it was removed. Moreover, Apple Charlie Miller has excluded from the development program after the vulnerability was publicly.

Instastock showed at first only to equity securities that update continuously. But she was also connected to a server that Miller controlled. As he demonstrated in a video, so it can load any code on any iPhone, which runs the application. Miller shows just how it starts with a video and triggers the vibrating alert. He also has access to the photos, all the contacts or the camera.

Asus Prime Transformer Presentation of the Quad-Core Tablets moved

Asus shifts idea and launch of the Quad-Core Transformer Tablets Prime for one month. The company is reportedly planning now but to deliver the model already running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Asus Transformers Prime was originally on 9 November will be presented. The Jonney Shih, head of the company was on a conference announced personally . But now the idea is to have been postponed to December. The reports Digitimes, the Taiwanese industry portal. Basic is the operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) , has experienced the website of suppliers.

The Asus Transformers Prime was supposed to have come with Android 3.2 Honeycomb on the market. The new operating system, Android 4.0 ICS was late filing of the manufacturers as an upgrade later. But according to information from Digitimes, Google has now agreed to help with the adjustments of Asus Android 4.0 to be quad-core tablet. General aim of the search engines to prevent the computer manufacturer focused exclusively on Windows 8, reports the portal.

The Asus Transformer Prime is the successor to the popular Asus Eee Pad Transformer . The manufacturer has equipped it with the quad-core chipset Nvidia Tegra 3, the 4 processors are clocked at 1.4 GHz, as a benchmark revealed recently .According to Jonney Shih has it as its predecessor, a 10.1-inch touchscreen and a housing made of aluminum, which is only 8.3 millimeters flat. In it a mini-HDMI connector and a slot for memory cards are integrated. The battery should provide a period of up to 8 hours. The keyboard dock with built-in battery that Asus will also offer extended again, the running time to around 16 hours.