Winamp for Android Update V1.1

Good news for the Android’s music lover, Nullsoft is recently announcing the release of the Winamp for Android v1.1. the version will have several interesting update such as the feature that enable users to listen to a streaming music online.
Other cool update is the key for built-in “listen to”, “now playing” screen redesign and the home screen update.
Other features of the updatv1.1 are:

  • The increase performance of  SHOUTcast and streaming trough a new media engine.
  • Ability to add MP3 of the day and CDLP track
  • Genre Browsing ability
  • song changing by movement
  • available in 14 language

Just like the Windows version, the Winamp for Android is also available for free. after it is installed, you can directly use and organize your MP3 playlist easily, sync with your PC via Wifi connectivity.
You can directly download the winamp for Android from the Android Market starting today.

Motorola Xoom’s Law Suit

Motorola Xoom that recently becomes popular in the tablet industry have to face a law suit. Not from other company in the tablet war but rather from a money transfer company.


The Xoom Corp, a money transfer company have filed a law suit against Motorola Xoom that considered to have hijack their name and also to hijack their google search result.


Xoom Corp claims that they have the copyright for Xoom and have establish their business and register for patent in 2004 and the at 2003.


There are no official statement from motorola concerning the lawsuit, but I think they have to move fast on this one.


And The Award Goes to iPhone 4

Eventhough Apple is not one of the exhibit at MWC 2011, but the GSM Association is awarding the iPhone 4 as the Best Mobile Device of the Year.

The award goes to iPhone after competeng against other nominees Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire, BlackBerry Torch dan LG Optimus.

iPhone 4 is awarded becaus of it’s sharp design, fantastic design, and phenomenal ecosystem for apps developer.

Some says that the award is rather controversial due to the antennagate issue in iPhone 4. As the Inquirer suggest that the antenna problem should be considered thoroughly by the GSMA.

HTC in the other hand are also awarded for Device Manufacturer of the Year. considering that the company has build up their reputation from scratch with fresh branding and marketing and strong device portfolio.

The jury consider that HTC Desire has build up a standard for Android Phones in 2010, with consistent performance.

Other awards given by the GSMA is Best Mobile App that goes to Rovio Angry Birds. Other awardee in the category are Google Maps and BlackBerry Messenger.

Motorola Droid 3 Verizon Video Leaked

A Motorola Droid 3 video has leaked. the well guarded android phone was displayed in a series of tutorial videos.

Shown on the videos are the 8 megapixel camera, 1080p videos, micro USB and HDMI connectors on the side two volume keys on the right side, five row QWERY keyboard complete with virtual keyboard as a spare. But the videos fail to show us about the specs inside, about the CPU, screen resolution, Android version etc is still mistery. But even so, some still predict that it have Tegra 2 Processor and qHD screen display.

Check out the video for detail.

15% Of The Galaxy Tab Returned In The US

Samsung should be aware, 15% of the Galaxy Tab marketed in the US has been returned by the consumer analyst said.

As quoted from the Computer World, the shocking news is short out after Samsung is forced to come clean about the Galaxy Tab’s selling that has been praised so long, infact the number release is the amount of unit shipped to retailer and operator not the number of units sold to the consumer.

ITG research firm mention, the number of Galaxy Tab returned is rather high. Trough the survey of 6000 retailer in the US, founded that Galaxy Tab that launch untill 15 January is having a 15% return.

In the holiday season, the percentage is slightly lower to 13% but only to rise again to 16%. with the report ITG also giving out the data of iPad returned trough Verizon, and it is only have a 2% return.